Our Services are kolektiv

Society is KOLEKTIV, so we provide it with
Public Campaigns & Societal Impact.

Brands & businesses are KOLEKTIV, so we create
Employer Branding & Identity

Innovation is KOLEKTIV, so we develop it with
Ideas and Impact

Enter the conversation

KOLEKTIV embraces the mission behind brands, products, employers and innovations. Genuine strategies that aim for positive impact.

If you’re aiming to leave your mark, we’ll leave it with you. Put your trust in KOLEKTIV. And your audience will put its trust in you.

Real marketing for real people

Because marketing too often mistakes people for consumers. Humans for targets. Or workers for robots.

We believe there’s a need to connect with empathy and sincerity. Build relationships rather than quick wins. And for god’s sake –– tell stories that real people can actually relate to.

Julien Merlin

creative, graphic design

Rob Swolfs

strategic copywriter