Colisee Connect

Connecting 6,500 employees on one single mobile app


How do you connect 6,500 employees of the same company, spread out over 89 different sites throughout the country? By launching a mobile app that facilitates content and information sharing across all departments and sites, that’s how.

KOLEKTIV drafted a comprehensive communication strategy to launch the internal communications tool company-wide. From early development communication to the actual launch and beyond, our strategists and creatives delivered to the full.


Through weekly digital meetings with client’s internal operations team, our Strategist, copywriter and Art Director kept their finger on the pulse of every step of this project.


We announced the launch of a new tool. With a postcard and posters, we informed employees about the launch of a new application.


We created the curiosity and interest of our recipients before the launch date through direct mailings. On each site, we placed a poster with a countdown to the launch.

Coaching & formation

The directorates and LMTs have been informed about the new application. They were given webinars to learn about the installation and use, so that they could effectively guide their teams during the launch.


On the day of the launch, we provided various supplies with step-by-step instructions on how to install and use the application.


An online survey allowed us to assess the effectiveness of our communication and conversion efforts. This feedback helped us refine our approach to the launch across the organisation.


We have planned a communication mix for the first two months with Colisee Connect publications. This was a way to set an example and offer employees interesting topics for the initial phase.

Formation (2) & implication (2)

A helpdesk, Q&A page and manual was available to answer all questions from the management. All these initiatives were clearly communicated in mailings and on the intranet.

Visual identity

We designed and applied the visual identity for the application and communication. The identity is based on a mix between Colisee and Armonea in Belgium.


There were multiple challenges that needed to be tackled. First, the right tone-of-voice needed to be determined to strike the right chord with everyone in the company, from facility workers and care personnel to higher management and senior profiles.

All communications needed to be bi-lingual in an accessible, creative and clear-cut design.


Colisee Connect is now fully operational for the 6,500 people working at the company. It has been well received and the adoption rates are going up. Overall feedback from users and management on KOLEKTIV’s approach was highly positive.

Our team will be assisting the French branch with their proof-of-concept launch in the fall of 2022. The communication deliverables were so well received that they will be adopted on a group level.

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Frank Verschueren, CTO Armonea